Cat is sick of work. Cat feels like a number in a factory. Cat turns into a emotionless machine there but its Friday(!!) and Cat is finally home in its comfy and safe bed. S

crew going out to crowded, expensive bars filled with horny creatures shoving you as they grind and take selfies! Cat has some old LSD it found lying around...Why not accompany Cat on its LSD adventure?

Hey all, I am illusciraptor.

I am a visual designer. I have never made a game before and this is my first game. It was created, designed and coded (Construct 2) by myself in a span of 4 weeks. I hope you'll laugh, have fun and enjoy the ending.

Unfortunately two weeks into making this game I lost my mother. This game is dedicated to my mother, who always supported me.

This is a mario style "jump" and "click" game. read the rules carefully. There is an intro!

WASD Control

Press S to drop down when on a high platform
Press W to jump

Left click on your mouse to use hairball (long range)

When you have less than 10 hairballs, you can tap on R to regenerate by licking yourself

Turn the sound on and I hope you'll enjoy it!

StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Cats, Cute, Dark Humor, Gore, jumping, lsd, Retro, Surreal